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Compact Hand Grinder



This compact hand grinder from Rhinowares is small enough to fit inside an Aeropress (arguably its best friend) which makes it perfect for travel.  It features an easily washable stainless steel body as well as hardy conical ceramic burrs which are durable enough to withstand years of use.  At the base of the burr set is an adjustment nut which provides a tactile "click" as you unscrew and distance the burrs to different grinding sizes; from espresso all the way to french press. Also included is a convenient carry bag, as well as an adaptor to connect the grinder directly to an Aeropress unit for clean, hassle-free grinding.


We believe the partnerships we create with you is not just about supplying you with top quality coffee beans. We also take a genuine and personal interest to ensure your café or coffee-selling business gets the best possible outcome.

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