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Hario 2-Cup V60 Dripper


Currently out of stock. Please check back soon for a fresh roast.


Hario V60 Dripper lets you brew exceptional coffee at home in a classic and affordable way. It comes with distinctive spiral-walled design that can fill a mug around 12oz in size. Furthermore, its design has made this Japanese brewer renown world over as one the biggest ways to brew pour-over filter coffee. This coffee brewer works perfectly with Hario V60 Paper Filter.


We believe the partnerships we create with you is not just about supplying you with top quality coffee beans. We also take a genuine and personal interest to ensure your café or coffee-selling business gets the best possible outcome.

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Free shipping now on offer for coffee bean purchases 1kg and above.

Discounted shipping rates also are on offer for bean purchased under 1kg.  Grab a bag of beans for Coffee @ Home. Let us know your brewing method (Espresso, Filter, AeroPress etc) and we can grind the beans for you.