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El Salvador Coffee Pods



Tasting Notes:

Almond, Chocolate, Molasses
Varietal:  Red Bourbon
Processing Method:  Washed
Growing Altitude:  1400-1500m

More Information

You can now experience our El Salvador Single Origin coffee in pod form which means you can take the Bellissimo Coffee experience home or to the office! Our biodegradable Coffee Pods contain El Borbollon coffee beans have been grown by Alvarez family for over 100 years already. Their award-winning farms reside on the lush, green hills of Santa Ana in the west of country. The beans that make up El Borbollon El Salvador come from two small farms - La Reforma and Santa Maria. The pickers hand-pick and collect in traditional hand-woven baskets from December to March and only select only the best and fully matured coffee cherries.
Biosourced and biodegradable capsules (EN 13432 Standard) come freshly packed in Australia. Each pack contains 10 individual coffee pods compatible.

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We believe the partnerships we create with you is not just about supplying you with top quality coffee beans. We also take a genuine and personal interest to ensure your café or coffee-selling business gets the best possible outcome.

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